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paranormal, ghosts, San Diego, Whaley House, Hotel Del Coronado, Villa Montezuma, haunted

San Diego

San Diego
Whaley House, Hotel Del or Villa Montezuma

Each of us on the Tour this year have spent a good portion of their lives in San Diego. Brad still lives there. So it is fitting that the Believe It Tour begin at our old haunts.

Deciding what to cover while we are in town has been more difficult than I had hoped. There are all the distractions from having lived there mixed with the two very popular locations well known for the haunting. Hotel Del Coronado and the Whaley House. Or do we go with a location that would be new to the crew of Believe It Tour.

That is why we are consulting a local medium, that is extremely familiar with the history of San Diego hauntings and hot spots.

Will we end up searching for Yankee Jim in Old Town at the Whaley House. The number one most haunted house in the United States according to the Travel Channel's America's Most Haunted. Drive over the bridge to see if anyone by the name of Mrs. Lottie A. Bernard is checked into the Hotel Del Coronado and ask about the legend of Kate Morgan. Perhaps we will be treated to a piano recital by the late Jesse Shepard in his historic Victorian, the Villa Montezuma.

Be sure to check back on details as they unfold.


The second day on the tour was an action packed day filled with an exciting visit to find ghosts at Hotel Del in Coronado and Villa Montezuma in San Diego, then off to Pacific Shores in Ocean Beach to look for aliens, and we rounded out the day at The Kraken in Cardiff.

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paranormal, ghosts, San Diego, Whaley House, Hotel Del Coronado, Villa Montezuma, haunted
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