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study of hidden animals referred to as cryptids

» Bigfoot Surplus: Supplier of sasquatch hats, t-shirts, dvds, souvenirs, gifts, casts and more
» Bigfoot Museum: Keeping the legend of Bigfoot alive
» Southern Fried Bigfoot: Documentary exploring hairy monsters of the south
» Mogollon Monster: Actively chasing the Mogollon Monster, Arizona's Bigfoot
» TriState Bigfoot: Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana Bigfoot Research and Investigations
covering experiences with no obvious scientific explanation - examples are ghosts and hauntings

» Binnall of America: Off-kilter observer of all things esoteric
» Dauphine House: Haunted, New Orleans Bed and Breakfast. Near the French Quarter
» Let's Talk Paranormal: TV Talk Show with Tracie Austin-Peters
» LIPRI: Long Island Paranormal Research & Investigations- Dedicated, Discreet, and Honest!
» Paranormal Society of Pennsylvania: Founded in 1997 by Rick Fisher
aliens - ufology

» The Debris Field: Fresh UFO and paranormal news crashing daily
beliefs, rituals, and stories, which include holiday customs and figures like santa claus

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zombies, vampires, dragons, werewolves, and more

» i love discuss and debate all and any information about werewolves
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Believe It Tour, sasquatch, ufo, aliens, storytelling, lore, ghosts, hauntings, monsters, travel
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