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Satya iPhone App Ouija board

Satya, a different Ouija board iPhone App

December 1, 2009

Satya, an innovative and unique iPhone app, from Believe It Tour has just launched on Apple's iTunes site. This exciting app for the iPhone and iPod touch is available for download at or on the iTunes site under "Satya."

Satya connects to the mystical power and positive energy of the universe to help seekers uncover the truth and answer age old questions. Is there something you've always wondered about? Do you have questions that you want answers to? The answer is right in front of you with Satya, an easy-to-use app from Believe It Tour.

"Many people quest to find the truth and want to tap into something bigger than themselves, which is where Satya comes in. Satya embodies the positive aspects of the world around us and let's people also connect to something deep within." said Diana Smith, Vice President of Business Development for Believe It Tour.

Satya is not a Ouija © or talking board that taps into the paranormal world of spirits or ghosts. It's a tool that utilizes human connection and the positive energy of the universe to uncover the truth that resides in the world around us. Satya will eventually answer if you have an open mind and you're patient.


Media contact:
Diana Smith

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Believe It Tour is a dynamic, industry leading company that seeks to explore people's beliefs through the utilization of modern technology combined with community outreach, events, custom merchandise, and iPhone app development. More information can be found at

Satya iPhone App Ouija board
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